School Uniform


The purpose of the School Uniform policy is to encourage our students to experience a greater sense of school identity and belonging, while protecting them from social pressures to dress in a particular way. We also believe that the school uniform supports effective teaching and learning.

Summer Uniform                      

* Jade short-sleeved polo-shirt

* Navy shorts for boys and skorts for girls

* White socks

* White running shoes

Winter Uniform 

* School jogging suit

* Jade long-sleeved Polo-Shirt or Turtle-neck with badge

* Blue jacket

* White Socks

* White running shoes

The School Cap should be brought to school every day. When it is not sunny, it can be placed in the student’s satchel in a bag.

Students are required to wear full uniform daily for school. On those days when, according to their time-tables, they have P.E. lessons, they are to come to school wearing their P.E. kit.

The length of skirts, pinafore dresses and shorts should not be shorter than above the knee. Girls’ hair should be tied back with a jade ribbon or clip. Boys must keep their hair short. Shirts should be tucked in the trousers/Bermuda. Running shoes should preferably be with Velcro fastening, rather than with laces, especially for younger children. All school items should be clearly marked with the child’s name. Those items that are removed in the classroom, such as Blazers, Jackets and Pullovers, should have a loop at the back to facilitate hanging. Girls are kindly asked to wear only button ear-rings, to avoid the risk of injury.


Parents can help by:

  • co-operating and sending their children to school in full uniform, while maintaining a high standard of neatness, thus helping to project an appropriate image for their child and the school.

Teachers can help through:

  • Positive reinforcement and encouraging responsible behaviour, to ensure students wear their school uniform.
  • They should dress in a professional manner at all times themselves, to serve as models to promote appropriate standards for students.

Students can help by:

  • coming to school neat, clean, and hair well-brushed;
  • wearing their uniform proudly.

Uniform Change

When a change in uniform is required, the school binds itself to set a transitional period for phasing out the old uniform and introducing the new one.