Admissions Policy

The Church schools governed by this policy are:
Primary Schools:
Bishop’s Conservatory Junior School, Victoria
Laura Vicuna School, Ghasri
St Francis School, Victoria
St Theresa School, Kercem

Kindergarten only (no continuity to other Church School primaries)
St Francis School Nadur

Secondary Schools:
Bishop’s Conservatory Secondary School, Victoria
Sacred Heart Minor Seminary, Victoria

Section 1. Admissions at Kinder 1 and Form 1
Admissions to Kindergarten 1 and Form 1 are centrally organised by the Secretariat for Catholic
Education. Regulations for admissions can be found on the website of the
Archdiocese of Malta available at: under the heading
Admissions Church Schools Gozo.

Section 2. Admissions in Other Years
Classroom population in our schools is governed by Education Authorities and the Malta Union of
Teachers’ Collective Agreements. Throughout the course of the years, student population within
schools may vary as students might opt to pursue their education at other educational institutions. In
this eventuality, when vacancies arise and the management team of the particular school decides to
fill the vacancy, admission to fill the vacant place shall take place as described below.

Procedure for Admission:

  1. Throughout the course of the year, individual schools receive letters of intent from parents
    who would like their child to be admitted at a particular school should a vacancy arise.
  2. All letters of intent should be addressed to the Head of School and include:
    a. The Name and Surname of the child in question
    b. The intent for admission
    c. The date of birth of the child
    d. Contact details of the parents
    e. Where applicable, an added paragraph should be included in the letter of intent which
    highlights the possibility of provision of an LSE as regulated by the Department of
    Education and MUT agreements. In the case where a Statement of Needs Report
    already exists, this is to be included with the documentation provided.
    Admissions Policy Gozo Church Schools 2
  3. Both electronic and hard copies of letters of intent may be provided. All letters will be
    acknowledged by the School Secretary of the respective school by e-mail. Details of schools
    governed by this Policy are listed further down in this document.
  4. A. In the case of request for admission into any of the primary schools, there is no need for
    a letter of intent to be sent every year as these letters will be kept in file and the date of
    birth serves to indicate the year cohort in which the child/ren would be admitted should
    a vacancy arise.
    B. In the case of the secondary schools a letter of intent needs to be sent each year to
    confirm the wish to be admitted should a vacancy arise. Letters of intent received within
    a scholastic year remain valid till the end of the scholastic year, that is, August 31st of any
    given year.
  5. In the eventuality of such vacancies, the School Management will prepare a report indicating
    the list of candidates. The following criteria and order will determine how the vacancy will be
    Acceptance of students with a statement of needs applying under any of the criteria
    below, can only be considered if the maximum quota for students requiring the support
    of an LSE hasn’t already been reached in the particular year group/class.
    a. Social Cases. In such applications, a board shall be set up to decide on the merits of
    the case.
    b. Children of employees of the particular school.
    c. Siblings of students attending the particular school.
    d. Any other applicants will be admitted on a first come first served basis according to
    the date when they sent their email/letter of intent to the school where there is the
    In the eventuality of a single vacancy and more than one applicant in a category, the
    child admitted will be the one whose application was received first.