“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man”

– Rabindranath Tagore –

School Policies

CREATING A Safe Place to Learn and Work:

Dear Parents,

The School Code of Student Conduct has been compiled to ensure an optimum learning environment for each one of our students – your sons and daughters. This Code contains valuable information to help us maintain a learning environment, not only free from disruptive behaviour, but also one that nurtures honesty, respect, co-operation.

The consequences for students who do not support such an environment are clearly outlined in this Code of Conduct. This should serve as a compass to guide our students to become caring and productive life-long learners. We therefore think it is important to make our expectations regarding behaviour clear, and be consistent in the methods of dealing with behavioural concerns.
The school’s mission statement states: “We nourish a commitment of integral growth by focusing on Christian values, and on the student’s intellectual, social, moral, physical and spiritual development.” This is our aim – that our students may be imbued with the Christian values in such a way that they are clearly expressed in all they do.

Students are responsible for their behaviour and are expected to follow the Code of Conduct, established to maintain order and a favourable academic atmosphere in the school. The Code of Conduct applies to all St. Francis School students when they are on the school premises, when they attend any school activity regardless of the locality, and when travelling to and from school.

We also ask you to help us achieve this aim. Our students want you to take a deep interest in the environment where they spend a good part of their day. Together we can work to ensure that each one of our students is provided with the best possible education.

The school aims not only to help students achieve maximum development of knowledge, skills and competence, but also to help them develop behaviour patterns which will enable them to be responsible, contributing members of society. Acceptable behaviour is essential to the development of responsible and self-disciplined citizens. All our students should feel proud of their school. Positive behaviour is based on respect for one’s self and for the worth and dignity of others. This is what we desire of our students, so that the school may be proud of them too.

Sr Francesca Abela
Head of School