• knows that animals have body systems
  • recognizes that knowledge on food groups help us build healthy diets
  • is able to observe differences between plants and animals
  • knows that the environment is a system that can be harmed
  • is able to measure temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction
  • is aware that gravity is the force which pulls things down
  • knows that air resistance can slow down the movement of objects
  • knows that a switch can be used to stop electric current from flowing
  • is aware that switches are designed in a variety of ways
  • understands that some materials let sound pass through them while others reflect sound
  • knows that light travels in straight lines
  • knows that some materials let light pass through them
  • is aware of the effect of a magnifying glass
  • knows that materials can change from one state to another
  • knows that some materials occur naturally while others do not
  • knows that the moon is a satellite of Earth and that other planets have moons
  • knows that the sun is one of many stars in our galaxy