ICT Management Ability
  • uses the cut, copy and paste facilities to manipulate text, graphics and audio
  • knows how to print in colour and greyscale
  • is able to create different publications using Publisher or Print shop
Comunicating Information Ability
  • knows how to send e-mails, with attachments
  • is able to create a Power Point presentation using text, graphics and sound
Handling Info Ability
  • knows that tables, graphs and text can be combined to present info effectively
  • knows how to draw up a spreadsheet displaying tables of info
  • knows how to make calculations on a spreadsheet
  • knows how to use justification in text 
  • is able to use line spacing, page break, and tabs
  • knows how to use a spell checker
Controlling and Modelling ability
  • knows how to use “Primary Logo” software to plan and give instructions
  • knows how to create, test and refine sequences of instructions to make things happen
  • is able to use ICT to control devices and achieve outcomes
Searching and Researching
  • knows how to access specific sites by typing in appropriate URLs
  • knows how to use an appropriate search engine (e.g. Google) to seek info
  • knows how to bookmark good sites
  • considers the worth of info on a site before printing it