Geographic Environment
  • knows details about the earth and its continents
  • has a good knowledge about the elements of the weather  
  • has a good idea of how the weather changes from one season to another
  • is aware that the climate in other parts of the world is different from ours
  • knows details about instruments that measure the weather and how a weather report is compiled
  • has a good knowledge about extreme weather conditions and their effects
  • knows how an earthquake occurs
  • is aware that there are hot and cold deserts and is able to give details about them
  • knows details about fishing in Malta and about aquaculture
  • knows the types of occupations that deal with the tourism sector in Malta
  • can give details of what attracts tourists to our island
  • has a grasp on the fact that tourism is very imporant for our ecomony and knows ways of how one can make them feel welcome during their stay
Historical Environment
  • is able to give details about the locality where one lives 
  • understands that the main characteristics of this locality have remained the same despite the fact that lots of development has taken place 
  • knows the difference between urban and rural life
  • knows details about Malta’s old cities – Mdina, Birgu, the Citadel
  • shows knowledge about the Grand Harbour area and its history
  • has a good knowledge about Malta’s history from the Pre-historic age to the present day
  • knows details about feudal lords, particularly Don Gonsalvo Monroy
  • knows how the Olympic games have evolved from their onset  up to the present day
Social Environment
  • understands what is meant by the term “social environment”
  • knows details about different occupations
  • knows the things that make us different from one another – our features, appearance, character
  • understands how as we grow up we become more involved in our family, amongst friends, in our locality and in our society
  • understands that human beings need to live and work in harmony together and need to abide by rights and rules
  • is aware about the fact that we need to look after our natural environment
  • is able to give details about our national heritage – our flag, national anthem, typical food, various customs
  • has a good grasp about the work of those involved in the running of our country
  • shows knowledge about how technology has advanced in Malta
  • has a good knowledge about the European Union and its members
  • is aware of the fact that being part of the European Union there are certain laws which are meant to ensure that we live in a healthy, safe and serene environment