• knows that animals grow and reproduce
  • is able to group animals according to common features
  • knows that plants have a life cycle
  • is able to group plants according to common features
  • is aware that habitats change and that these changes effect plants and animals
  • knows that the weather has an effect on the lives of people and other living things
  • knows that there are forces between magnets which push or pull
  • knows that different components can be used in a circuit to do different jobs
  • knows that sound can travel through materials
  • knows that when an object vibrates it produces sound
  • is able to use mirrors to see behind things
  • knows that some materials can dissolve
  • is aware that things are manufactured using materials
  • knows how to choose between different materials for their special properties
  • knows that the Earth turns one complete turn once a day
  • knows that the Earth completes its orbit round the sun once a year