• uses appropriate language during discussions (stories, poems and songs)
  • is able to give a short description of a character, a scene, an object
  • uses grammatically correct language to communicate meaningfully
  • uses clear diction and correct tonation in front of audience
  • is able to organise thoughts
  • participates in situations for acting out a simple event
  • uses a range of vocabulary related to a given topic
  • demonstrates a positive view of own opinions while apreciating the views of others
  • reads confidently, with fluency, expression and clear diction
  • is aware of book conventions (Author, Illustrator, Blurb, Chapters, Index)
  • is able to access information from a range of sources
  • uses a variety of strategies to understand and maintain meaning
  • is able to discuss and recommend books
  • demonstrates an increased bank of words from different contexts
  • shows attentiveness during listening activities
  • shows ability to listen and understand without reference to text
  • is able to listen for specific information
  • is able to follow instructions
  • gives importance to quality of handwriting
  • uses a range of presentational features
  • uses various strategies to spell correctly
  • is able to plan writing through brainstorming
  • writes in a coherent and cohesive manner
  • is able to proof-read, edit and revise own work
  • is able to complement writing with drawing
  • is able to write a paragraph about a picture/topic
  • is able to write a story using narrative and descriptive writing
  • with support is able to write letters, messages and short dialogues
  • is able to write expanded sentences
  • is ready to experiment with different genres
  • understands the function of sentence structure
  • uses gramatically correct sentences
  • writes answers to questions on picture, topic or story
  • is ready to experiment with words, expressions and sentences
  • is motivated to participate in writing activities