ICT Management Ability
  • is able to move text and graphics across different applications
  • knows how to use the print preview facility to adjust content accordingly
  • is able to create various publications (cards, flyers) using Publisher/Print Shop
Comunicating Information Ability
  • knows how to send e-mails
  • knows how to delete messages
  • knows how to attach files to e-mail messages
  • knows how to create a Power Point Presentation, using text and graphics
Handling Info Ability
  • able to make a graph from data entered into a spreadsheet
  • knows how to ‘undo’ a command
  • knows how to open, save and close files
  • able to choose font, size, style and colour
Controlling and Modelling ability
  • capable of programming Bee-bot/Roamer to follow a precise path e.g. A maze
  • uses appropriate vocabulary for directions
  • is able to talk about control devices, giving step-by-step instructions on how to use them e.g. How to use a DVD player
  • knows how to use “Primary Logo” software to sequence directions
  • creates and refines sequences of instructions to make things happen
  • uses ICT to control devices and achieve outcomes
Searching and Researching
  • knows how to access specific sites typing in appropriate URLs (Uniform resource locator)
  • knows how to use an appropriate search engine (e.g. Google)
  • knows how to bookmark an interesting site