Geographic Environment
  • has a good knowledge of the solar system
  • knows details about earth – the continents, oceans, volcanos etc.
  • is aware that there are hot and cold deserts and knows relevant details about them
  • understands the importance of forests and why we need to preserve them
  • knows details about the four seasons and weather conditions relating to each of them
  • is aware of the effects of the weather
  • knows the names of the different wind directions and some details about the main ones
  • has a good knowledge of instruments used to measure the temperature, the force and the direction of the wind, the amount of rain-fall and air-pressure
  • has a general idea of how to understand the structure of a plan and how to use it to follow directions/instructions
  • knows details about the Maltese Archipelago
  • is able to give specific details about certain places in Malta and Gozo, with the aid of a map
  • knows details about the countries lying around the Mediterranean Sea
  • knows details about the islands found in the Mediterranean Sea
  • has a good knowledge of how one can take care of the environment
Historical Environment
  • knows details about Maltese personalities – Dun Mikiel Xerri and Dun Karm Psaila
  • knows the various rulers who occupied Malta over the years
  • knows certain Maltese traditions and customs related to our feasts 
  • can distinguish between today’s pastimes and those of yester-year
  • knows details about Malta – its flag, national anthem
Social Environment
  • understands one’s role and duties at home, school, amongst friends and in the community
  • is aware that conflicts may arise amongst groups of friends and can come up with ways of how to deal with real-life situations
  • knows what is implied by the word “communication”
  • is aware of the need of communicating with one another, in our community, in our country and with the rest of the world
  • knows details about the work of different persons in the community
  • has a good knowledge about our transport system, how we know it today and how it was in the past
  • is able to give details about our airport and ports
  • knows details about train stations
  • is aware that the media is also a means of communication and is able to give examples