• knows the basic needs of animals
  • recognizes the importance of eating a balanced diet
  • knows that plants needs air, water and light to stay alive
  • knows that plants and animals in a habitat depend upon each other
  • is able to record the weather over a period of time
  • knows about renewable and non-renewable energy
  • knows that there is a force of friction actinng between any two surfaces
  • knows that the force of friction is larger/smaller according to the smoothness of the surfaces
  • knows that magnets have two poles that attract and repulse
  • knows that some materials are attracted to magnets while others are not
  • is aware that some materials in a circuit allow a bulb to light while others do not
  • knows that sound travels in all directions
  • knows that some changes can be reversed while others cannot
  • knows that the same material can have different uses
  • knows that our planet Earth is one of the nine known planets in our Solar System
  • knows that there are other planets in space