• identifies major muscle groups (pectorals) and their function – eg. to push 
  • performs activities to achieve strong muscles – push-ups, chest presses with free weights eg. bottles with water
  • remembers the correct procedure for lifting objects – squatting down and keeping back straight
  • knows where to find the heartbeat (wrist and neck)
  • knows how to inhale and exhale correctly
  • performs activities of warming up and cooling down
  • keeps a good posture while jumping horizontally
  • identifies healthy habits – regular activity, healthy eating, adequate rest, cleanliness and hygiene, avoiding smoking, alcohol and drugs
  • knows the meaning of flexibility and its purpose – to help the body to move freely and prevent injury
  • is able to hold a stretch for 15-20 seconds
  • can roll across a mat in different ways and with different finishing positions
  • can travel into and out of a balance using jumping
  • has good balancing skills whilst performing symmetrical and asymmetrical static shapes
  • can perform a headstand
  • can perform a handstand, relying less on support
  • can jump and turn in mid air finishing with a proper landing
  • can perform a combination of stretch or turn-jumps and rolls
  • is able to do shadowing and mirroring
  • knows the concept of speed in endurance events
  • can perform a 30m- 60m sprint with a dip at the finish line for an extra advantage
  • is able to do hurdling with a dip over the finish line
  • is able to jump for height with a maximum effort
  • performs body-weight exercises – wall push-offs,  kneeling push-ups, etc. 
  • is able to do a chest pass throw
  • is able to hold a ball at hip level with the free hand and to hit it with a racket
  • is able to aim the ball at a determined target when using a racket
  • knows the proper body position when performing a forehand strike (standing sideways, with feet apart and bent knees)
  • is able to use a forehand racket strike and pass the ball to a partner allowing only 1 bounce in between
  • knows the proper technique of a slap-shot using a hockey stick
  • knows the difference between a push-pass and a slap-shot in hockey
  • is able to shoot at a target using a push-pass or slap-shot with a hockey stick
  • knows how to do an indian dribble with a hockey stick
  • knows the different techniques between high ball throws and grounders
  • is able to throw and catch fly balls and grounders and return the ball quickly and with accuracy
  • uses proper hands/fingers and feet positions when throwing the ball
  • keeps eyes focused on the ball when catching
  • knows what pivot means and shows ability to use the pivot to pass the ball correctly
  • is able to perform a swinging pass with a pivot, using bent knees and proper handling of ball  (pass must always be sideways or backwards)
  • adheres to rules during games involving teamwork