Geographic Environment
  • knows that there are four seasons and relates certain weather conditions to each of them
  • knows certain aspects related to each of the seasons
  • knows details about the Maltese archipelago and places found on our islands
  • distinguishes between hills and valleys and can give examples of such places found in Malta
  • has a good knowledge of the flora and fauna found in our countryside
  • knows certain details about the frog, the robin and insects such as the bee and the butterfly
  • has a good knowledge of what one can find in a village setting
  • can distinguish between certain village areas that have been there for many years and others that are more modern
  • understands that water is essential and since it is scarce, care must be taken not to waste it
  • knows how the water cycle works
  • understands the importance of electricity and knows what needs to be done to avoid wasting it
Social Environment
  • knows details of one’s own home and its location
  • understands that there are various types of dwellings all over the world
  • knows what one should do to look after one’s teeth
  • is aware of what precautions must be taken when one is walking along or crossing a street
  • is able to come up with a solution to various real-life situations
  • has a good knowledge of the various means of communication that connect us to the rest of the world
  • has a good knowledge of our monetary system in respect to the introduction of the Euro
Historical Environment
  • has a good knowledge of the means of transport used in olden days and those found today
  • understands the need to use such transport
  • is aware of the progress that was made in this field
  • knows that things such as clothing, shops and dwellings have changed over the years
  • knows about various customs relating to Christmas
  • is able to link food and objects to special feasts such as Easter and Carnival