• identifies the purpose of muscles
  • performs actvities to achieve strong muscles – push-ups and pull-ups
  • knows correct posture for lifting up objects – squatting down while keeping back straight
  • identifies the function fof the blood – to carry oxygen to parts of the body
  • is able to perform recovery breathing – walking and breathing
  • performs activities of warming up and cooling down
  • keeps a good posture while sitting down, walking, running and jumping vertically
  • identifies habits that are healthy for the body – regular activity, healthy eating, adequate rest, cleanliness and hygiene
  • performs stretching exercises with correct technique
  • is able to hold a stretch for 10 seconds
  • knows the concept of speed in endurance events
  • can perform a 30m- 60m sprint with a dip at the finish line for an extra advantage
  • is able to do hurdling with a dip over the finish line
  • is able to jump for height with a maximum effort
  • performs body-weight exercises – wall push-offs,  kneeling push-ups, etc. 
  • is able to do a chest pass throw
  • is able to run and change direction on signal
  • is able to move about in a space using hands and feet
  • can perform a forward roll finishing with a “V” sit
  • can perform a backward roll onto one knee
  • can perform a backward roll onto two feet
  • can roll sideways (a) tucked  (b) stretched
  • can roll to finish balanced on 4/3/2 body parts
  • is able to do a headstand
  • is able to do a shoulder stand
  • is able to do a table balance – on hands and feet with tummy up
  • can take weight on hands while doing a donkey kick and walking feet up the wall
  • is able to do a handstand with support (against a wall)
  • knows how to do a combination of jumps – taking off from one foot and landing on two, taking off from two feet and landing on two feet, taking off and landing on the same spot
  • knows how to jump and turn in the air
  • is able to do mirroring
  • is able to strike a bouncing ball with a racket using various hand positions
  • is able to hit a ball with a racket and into a basket or specified space
  • can peform a slap-shot with a racket/hockey stick using transfer of weight on legs and follow-through
  • shows good use of space, passing, trapping and slap-shot throwing skills in teamwork
  • is able to work in a team
  • adheres to rules during games involving teamwork