ICT Management Ability
  • Knows how to edit a saved text using mouse and cursor keys
  • Knows how to use the Return key for a new line, and shift key for a Capital letter
  • Knows how to use different computer software
  • Knows how to open, save, print and close files
  • Knows how to copy, paste, insert and delete text, images and sound
  • Uses a combination of graphics and text to create a card (Publisher program)
Comunicating Information Ability
  • Knows how to use different line thicknesses and textures with pencil and line tools
  • Is able to use different textures with rectangle and ellipse tools
  • Is able to write sentences to form short paragraphs, enhanced by pics
  • Knows how to use different font types, styles and sizes
Handling Info Ability
  • Knows how to use pics to record and present info (KidPix Deluxe)
Controlling and Modelling ability
  • Is able to program Bee-bot to follow a floor map or obstacle race
Searching and Researching
  • Is able to use the World Wide Web to find information about a given topic