Creative Movement
  • is able to find space according to need
  • has a good relationship of body to other bodies in given space (walking hand in hand, back to back, legs tied etc)
  • is able to speak intelligibly, clearly and with fluency
  • is able to talk about an object or topic
  • knows how to recount stories, changing voice intonation according to the different characters
  • is able to perform different movements using the same body part
  • is able to mime using different parts of the body
  • is able to mime different situations, action songs and poems
  • recognizes different ways of making sounds e.g. Clapping, stamping
  • shows interest in the song being taught
  • pronounces the words of the song clearly
  • is able to identify high and low sounds and to sing them accordingly
  • uses appropriate facial expressions according to the mood of the song
  • uses appropriate movements according to the mood of the song
  • is aware that he/she is singing with others
  • is able to keep the time or rhythm using a percussion instrument
  • is able to clap rhythmically to the music
  • recognizes how sounds are used to create a different mood or effect
  • is able to use a pair of scissors without help, and cutting corectly
  • is able to use a pair of scissors without help
  • knows how to colour in a picture properly
  • is able to match colours appropriately
  • uses different mediums to colour in a picture:  markers, crayons, watercolours
  • is able to paint using a paint brush
  • is able to create simple models 
  • likes to experiment with a wide range of materials
  • is aware of the different characteristic qualities of materials
  • is able to make collages, using different materials
  • is able to form pictures with different shapes
  • is able to contruct with different materials: cardboard & glue, plasticine etc
  • participates in art activities such as book making and illustration