Knowledge of subject
knows that the weather changes from one season to another
has knowledge about different groups of animals
is able to distinguish between a private dwelling and public property
knows how one can travel using public transport
knows about the difference between our capital city, our villages and bays
has a good knowledge of the types of food that we consume, be it fresh, frozen or tinned
knows certain aspects about oneself
knows how one ought to behave at home, school, amongst friends and in the community
understands that although we are different, we all need one another
has a good knowledge of one’s relationship with friends
knows about various means of communication
knows some important characteristics about our environment
knows about the various duties of the people that we meet in our daily lives
has a good knowledge of the different places one finds in his/her town or village
understands that places change over the years
knows that the way that one spends his/her leisure time has changed over the years
knows that life at school is different than how it was in the past
knows that, in the past,  food was cooked in a different way than how it is done nowadays