• Knows that there are similarities and differences between humans. 
  • Knows that there are different kinds of animals.
  • Recognizes basic parts of a plant
  • Knows how to plant a flower  and notes the different parts  growing during the year 
  • is aware of the benefits of trees
  • Knows that a habitat is the environment in which a plant or an animal lives. 
  • Knows that there are patterns in the weather, which are related to seasonal changes 
  • Knows that a push or pull can make things change in form, direction, or stop or go faster or slower. 
  • Knows that safety is important when using electricity 
  • knows how electricity can be generated.
  • can identify different objects which make sounds.
  • Understands that it is dark when there is no light.
  • can identify materials which change 
  • is able to use the senses to group materials 
  • knows why certain objects are best made from certain materials. 
  • knows that the Earth is made up of rock, air and water.
  • knows that the Earth, moon and sun are separate bodies.