• identifies that the body has many muscles and knows about their purpose
  • performs activities to achieve strong muscles – sit ups, abdominal curls, body weight resitance etc.
  • identifies correct procedure for lifting objects – keeping back straight while squatting down
  • identifies parts of the circulatory and respiratory systems – heart, lungs, nose and mouth
  • knows how to do correct breathing
  • identifies and performs activities that are fun and promote body fitness – eg. Warm-up session
  • performs continuous exercise for a pre-determined time span
  • is aware about what food is healthy and what is not
  • keeps a good posture while running, jogging, walking and sitting
  • knows about the purpose of stretching – to lengthen the muscle, preparing it for exercise to prevent injury
  • performs simple stretching exercises – keeping arms and legs straight while bending
  • is able to run sideways and backwards
  • knows how to do a forward roll with various finishing positions
  • is able to balance in different body shapes 
  • is able to take weight on hands – wall push-offs, balancing on head and hands
  • is able to jump for distance or for height whilst running
  • is able to do shadowing with a partner
  • distinguishes between walking and running at various speeds
  • is able to sprint following a stand start and starting calls – on your marks, set, go
  • is able to run in a straight line
  • is able to hurdle in a straight line
  • is able to perform basic jumps, showing control at take-off and landing
  • knows the proper power position for throwing
  • is able to do an underhand throw aiming at a prescribed target
  • is able to use a racket/hockey stick to strike a stationary ball in different directions and with a strong or light stroke
  • is able to trap a ball with a racket/hockey stick using transfer of weight on legs
  • is able to push-pass a ball with a racket/hockey stick – stretching and bending legs in the right manner
  • is able to use a racket/hockey stick for fast or slow passing while stationary or walking at different speeds
  • shows good dribbling techniques while playing against an opponent – changing speed/direction,dodging,tackling
  • is able to work in a team