ICT Management Ability
  • Knows that info can be saved on or removed from a CD-ROM or pen drive
  • Knows that info saved on a CD-Rom or Pendrive can be accessed
  • Is aware that the hard disk contains files which can easily be assessed by double clicking on their icon
  • Knows that Yes, No or Cancel buttons have to be clicked on when exiting software or saving files
  • Is able to identify certain punctuation characters on the keyboard and use them accordingly
  • Knows that commands can be identified and given through the pull down menus
Comunicating Information Ability
  • Knows that it is possible to change things by rubbing out and redoing
  • Knows how to colour in an enclosed area  using the fill tool
  • Is able to enter letters into a word processor using the keyboard
  • Knows how to print and save work without support
  • Knows how to correct and improve work
  • Knows how to type sentences and insert images to accompany his/her writing
Handling Info Ability
  • Knows how to use pics to record and represent info (using Kid Pix )
  • Controlling and Modelling ability
  • Is able to program Bee-bot to follow a specific route
  • Uses appropriate vocabulary for the directions given
Searching and Researching
  • Is able to visit various sites to learn different subjects, with the teacher’s support