• Knows that there is a variety of living things. 
  • Recognizes different parts of the human body
  • Know about the five senses.
  • Knows that there are different kinds of plants and trees.
  • knows about the growth of sowing seeds by observation
  • is aware of the many features that make the environment around us.
  • is able to distinguish among the four seasons
  • Knows that there is a wide variety of weather conditions.
  • Knows that a push or a pull or a twist can make things move.
  • is able to demonstrate that a push or pull can move things through the use of magnets.
  • Knows that many things use electricity
  • has knowledge of  a simple circuit
  • Knows that there are lots of different sounds.
  • is able to identify different sources of light.
  • Knows that there are different colours in the environment.
  • Knows that some things can change.
  • Knows that things are made from different materials.
  • Knows that we live on planet Earth.