Knowledge of subject
  • Knows prayers by heart
  • Is able to answer questions on topics covered
  • God created everything right
  • A rainbow of colours
  • Loving one another as brothers and sisters
  • Let’s be real friends
  • Christmas and Easter
  • Jesus saved us
  • Shows interest in the lesson
  • Is able to narrate some of Jesus’ parables and miracles
Understanding of knowledge
  • Is able to narrate the message the parables and miracles convey
  • Is able to explain the topic covered in his/her own words
  • We appreciate and thank God for all His creations
  • We’re all different but we’re all special
  • God loves us and is always ready to forgive us
  • We show true friendship by helping all those in need
  • God’s love for us is so great that He gave us his son Jesus as a gift
  • Growing up like Jesus who died for us on the cross
Application of knowledge
  • Is able to apply the lesson learnt to real-life situations
  • Participates in the recitation of prayers
  • Actively participates during Mass