• identifies the various muscles in the body
  • performs activities to achieve strong muscles
  • knows the location, size and function of the heart
  • able to do correct breathing
  • performs continuous exercises for a pre-determined time-span
  • has a good knowledge of healthy habits – diet, regular activity, hygiene, rest
  • maintains a good posture whilst walking, standing and sitting
  • knows the meaning and purpose of warming up to prepare body for exercise
  • performs simple stretching techniques
  • able to make good use of personal and general space at varying speed
  • knows how to perform some basic rolls with a finishing position
  • is able to balance on one leg
  • can hold balance while walking along balance beam
  • can balance on large and small body parts 
  • can momentariy shift weight on hands and perform donkey kicks
  • can do fundamental jumping techniques with co-ordinated arm actions
  • is able to follow a partner whilst walking
  • can stand and march on the spot with a correct posture
  • uses correct arms co-ordination with alternating leg movement for walking
  • uses correct arms co-ordination with alternating leg movement for sprinting 
  • knows how to run on ball of foot for efficient sprinting
  • is able to walk  in a  given direction 
  • is able to run/sprint on a path as instructed
  • is able to march in two’s, three’s etc. Unison
  • can walk, with proper technique and posture, at varying speed of movement as instructed
  • is able to perform basic drill on the spot and in motion
  • can run/sprint at maximum speed possible
  • is able to jump over hurdles
  • can hop on the spot and in motion
  • can do frog jumping with the correct landing technique
  • is able to jump from a height of 10-20cm with the correct landing technique
  • can do an overhand throw with bent knees for power transmission from legs
  • knows how to handle a racket
  • is able to invent different uses of the racket
  • is able to use a racket to control the ball along a line and around obstacles
  • knows how to position and co-ordinate hands and eyes to follow an object
  • is able to lead, follow or mirror others’ actions
  • knows how to bounce a ball
  • can dribble a ball with a hockey stick using different directions and pathways
  • is able to work in a team
  • adheres to rules during games involving teamwork