• responds confidently and actively to instructions 
  • shows ability to implement requests
  • asks questions appropriately
  • participates in oral activities in small groups
  • participates in oral activities in whole class situations
  • relates short stories about a set of pictures or about personal interests
  • shows interest in listening and responding to short stories and rhymes
  • orally identifies rhyming words in short poems
  • is aware of the difference between a letter and a word both visually and aurally
  • understands the implications of sequence (using pictures)
  • identifies first and last sounds in spoken words
  • orally segments and counts the syllables in a word
  • blends the sound in monosyllabic words to produce target words
  • orally identifies and counts sounds in words
  • orally manipulates sounds in words
  • orally segments words with initial blends
  • associates a letter sound with a symbol and a concept
  • associates words with pictures
  • confidently reads and writes CVCV words 
  • able to decode the irregular (sight) words used regularly
  • able to write correctly the irregular (tricky) words used regularly
  • has appropriate pencil grip
  • forms letters appropriately
uses spaces between words
recognizes and writes own name
reads accurately and confidently unseen reading books of average class level