ICT Management Ability
  • Recognizes basic computer components:  keyboard, mouse, monitor etc.
  • Knows how to switch on and switch off the computer and its peripherals
  • Associates an icon with a specific computer activity or software
  • Knows that in a word processor program the written text can be printed out
  • Understands that the mouse controls the pointer on the screen
  • Knows that a word processor program allows text to be written
Comunicating Information Ability
  • Is aware that ICT can be used to communicate and handle info in a variety of ways:  text, pics
  • Knows that pics can be drawn on the computer
Handling Info Ability
  • Is able to present data using pictures instead of numbers (e.g. Using Kid Pix Deluxe)
  • Knows how to enter data correctly
  • Controlling and Modelling ability
  • Knows that the ‘floor turtle’ (Bee-bot) can store moving and turning instructions
  • Is able to program the Bee-bot to go backwards, forwards, left and right
Searching and Researching
  • Is aware that info from the World Wide Web can be accessed worldwide
  • Is aware that info from the World Wide Web can be constantly updated