Creative Movement
  • recognizes different rhythms of movement
  • responds to different rhythms of movement
  • is able to obey given instructions
  • has space awareness
  • is able to move around in groups of two or three
  • is able to move in a given space, responding to sounds
  • is able to imitate a given statement
  • is able to use different intonations for different situations
  • uses good diction to recite nursery rhymes
  • is able to role play different fairy tale characters
Sensory Awareness
  • is aware of different textures, using touch and smell
  • can distinguish shapes, colour, height and size
  • can distinguish different sounds (voices, cars etc.)
Body Awareness
  • is able to touch, move or use different body parts, according to instructions given
  • shows interest in the song being taught
  • is able to memorise the words of the song
  • is able to identify high and low sounds and to sing them accordingly
  • uses appropriate facial expressions according to the mood of the song
  • uses appropriate movements according to the mood of the song
  • is aware that he/she is singing with others
  • is able to keep the time or rhythm using a percussion instrument
  • knows the primary colours and how to mix them to make other colours
  • is able to use a pair of scissors without help
  • knows how to colour in a picture properly
  • is able to match colours appropriately
  • uses different mediums to colour in a picture:  markers, crayons, watercolours
  • is able to paint using a paint brush
  • is able to create simple models with the help of the teacher