Year 3

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  • I can make a prediction about a situation from a limited number of options
  • I can make simple conclusions from my direct observations
  • I can apply knowledge to practical situations
  • I can group animals in different ways according to their characteristics
  • I can build a simple electric circuit and show that all parts need to be connected
  • I can ask questions about the world around me
  • I can carry out a simple practical investigation with the teacher’ support
  • I can record observations in a simple format
  • I can demonstrate some things I should do to keep myself healthy
  • I can identify purposes for which some common materials are used
  • I can find out about a simple scientific idea
  • I can identify different sound and light sources in my everyday life
  • I can talk about various weather conditions experienced in Malta throughout the year
  • I can investigate how simple machines work and give everyday examples
  • I can describe that the moon is a rock without air and water