Year 2

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  • I can observe different types of seeds, leaves and plants including flowering and non-flowering plants. 
  • I can observe different animals and their characteristics.
  • I can name ways of keeping my body fit and healthy.
  • I can identify different electrical safety measures.
  • I can identify practical ways of reducing, reusing, recycling, repairing waste as well as refusing items and rethinking to safeguard planet Earth.
  • I can describe the Earth, moon and sun as separate bodies.
  • I can observe weather changes related to seasonal changes.
  • I can use different materials to build an object.
  • I can observe how a push and a pull can make objects move, others stop them from moving or change their shape.
  • I can observe what magnets do.
  • I can form shadows. 
  • I can name different states of water.