Year 1

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  • I can throw various implements using both right and left hands over various distances at a target
  • I can catch a self tossed Implement. I can clap in various ways before catching a self tossed implement
  • I can bounce a ball in a static position. I can bounce a ball while travelling
  • I can perform actions at a slow, medium or fast speed. I can react to various stimuli with a change in speed
  • I can change direction quickly and effectively at different speeds and levels while under control.
  • I can balance on a variety of body parts, apparatus and with a partner
  • I can understand how exercises improves fitness
  • I can recognize a rhythm and follow the locomotor movements
  • I can move into space as an individual or group using different directions
  • I can move around in a familiar place such as a school with awareness of their surroundings
  • I am able to stay safe at the beach
  • I can copy different movements using different body shapes at various levels
  • I can perform a simple roll
  • I can support my body briefly on my hands