Year 6

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  • uses appropriate language when participating in discussions
  • demonstrates ability to initiate discussion and contribute to conversation
  • speaks confidently with accuracy, using clear diction and correct intonation
  • uses gramatically correct language
  • is able to describe characters, scenes, objexts and pictures
  • uses clear instruction to explain different steps of a simple procedure
  • participates in role-play and dialogues
  • is able to take turns, listen and appreciate views of others during conversation
  • is able to use a range of vocabulary related to a topic
  • shows motivation to read for a range of purposes
  • is able to adapt reading strategies when reading unfamiliar texts
  • reads confidently, with fluency, expression and clear diction
  • participates in shared reading experiences
  • shows competence in comprehension strategies
  • has developed an increasing bank of words from different contexts
  • is able to discuss and recommend books and share opinions
  • is aware of book conventions (Author, Illustrator, Blurb, Chapters, Index)
  • shows interest and concentration during listening activities
  • shows confidence in understanding spoken language without reference to the written form
  • is able to listen for specific information
  • is able to carry out instructions
  • gives importance to quality of handwriting
  • is able to use a range of presentational features
  • demonstrates competence and efficiency in strategies to spell correctly
  • is able to plan writing through brainstorming
  • writes in a coherent and cohesive manner
  • is able to proof-read and edit own work
  • uses drawing and writing to complement each other
  • is able to write about a picture or topic
  • is able to write letters, instructions and messages
  • is able to write expanded sentences
  • is ready to experiment with different genres
  • understands the functions of sentence structure
  • uses gramatically correct sentences
  • writes answers to questions on a picture, topic or story
  • is ready to experiment with words, expressions and sentences
  • is motivated to participate in writing activities