Project 4

Year 1 and 2  –  Action Plan 4

Wherever possible, during outings, clean ups were carried out.

A big well done to the student council members for their commitment to monitor the progress on producing less waste, saving energy etc.

Feedback on used battery collections in classes, helps keep the kids motivated in doing their utmost to collect more.

Lessons were carried out to increase awareness on climate change and marine life, and lesson plans were passed on to the co-ordinating teacher.

Used wrapping paper was collected from the students’ families after Christmas. Children will cover the floor to work out what area of paper was used, and evaluate how many trees were cut in the process. The school will then be responsible to plant the same number of trees to make up for the harm done.

Years 3 to 6  –  Action Plan 4

Human Impact:

  • Clean ups carried out throughout the year

Responsible consumption

  • Members of the student council visited every class a few times to check on plastic use and amount of waste produced
  • A student from each class was chosen to ensure that lights/monitors/fans are turned off when not in use (a good practice that needs to be shared in every class)
  • Students are not informed of the results during assembly (must give importance to this throughout the third term)
  • Christmas wrapping paper was collected – the area covered by the wrapping paper will be used to identify how many trees were cut down to produce this amount of paper and to make up for this, how many trees need to be planted in their stead.
  • Our Year 5 students wrote a discussion article about electric cars, which was shared on the “Times of Malta” of (?date)

Creating a responsible community

  • A letter, written by the students, will be sent out to other schools, informing them of projects carried out in recent years, and encouraging them to do likewise.