Project 1

Year 1 and Year 2:  Action plan 1

  • We did our best to lead by example especially during breaktime (saying sorry, hugs etc.)
  • Encouraged children to carry out good deeds – they were rewarded: reward charts.
  • Head sent a booklet about the Mass. Children were shown several steps from to time. This helped them to stay focused during Mass: we noted good behaviour and participation.
  • Rosary was not recited in class. However the mysteries of the Rosary were taught during Religion lesson.
  • Everyday in the morning, children were encouraged to visit the chapel.
  • Religion lessons using Bible stories (powerpoint presentations/video clips) were added, as these were not covered by the textbook.
  • The Literacy teacher delivered lessons related to religious topics.
  • Craft and pictures related to topic were displayed in class. However no Bible corner was planned.
  • Some religious books in the class library (stories of saints, bible stories). More can be added
  • Presentations (story told by the pupils themselves to the class) – more focus on this during the third term.
  • We follow the religious programme in agremment with the school’s spiritual director.
  • We visited a number of Churches – ta’ Pinu, St Francis – and during the third term we will visit other churches and chapels.
  • Topics were covered through the Religion workbook. Objectives reached are noted using the traffic lights system on My School.
  • New prayers were taught as as to help the pupils during praying time.
  • Before collecting money for fundraising, videos are shows to instill awareness e.g. Down’s Syndrome Day, Autism/ADHD awareness week etc.
  • Many fundraising activities were organized to collect money for the needy.

Years 3 and 4 – Action plan 1

Modelling values:

  • Situations during every day life, teacher models and gives examples based on a Christ-centred environment.
  • Having us as role models
  • Case studies providing a Christ-centred environment

Plan religious programme:

  • Assemblies and religion lessons are linked to the Liturgy and the Religious Calendar
  • Clips on different liturgical times
  • Mass – to be given particular attention
  • The Mysteries of the Rosary – needs to be worked on.

Provide opportunities for the students to profess their faith:

  • Reminding the students of the presence of Jesus in the Tabernacle
  • Pupils lead the morning Assembly as a celebration of the new day
  • Assembly is planned in different ways by each class in turn – in this way morning prayers are more appealing to the students

Students will have a greater understanding of the qualities and values as witnessed in Christ, and which they wish to emulate in their life as Catholics:

  • The Bible is referred to during lessons, video clips are shown and stories of Bible characters are told
  • Year 4 have a Bible corner in the classroom (?why not Year 3 too – the classroom is large enough?)
  • During the third term the students are invited to create material on a Religious topic
  • Case studies to reflect on good qualities and good deeds throughout the year, and to praise children who show such qualities;
  • Talks by Fr Alex related to feasts or religion lessons.

Students will learn about different religious symbols, and different religions

  • The students visited St Francis Church for Mass, and a short talk on the foundress, Mother Margherita by the priest. They also visited Ta’ Pinu during Lent.
  • During the third term, besides visits to other Churches, the students will visit the Host Room, where Altar bread is produced and watch the process.

To integrate Catholic teaching …

Ongoing – Religion Lessons

Year 5 and Year 6:  Action Plan 1

  1. Talks by
  • the Bishop (two sessions)
  • Mother Provincial
  • Sr Alexandra
  • Vocational visits by three sisters from Malta
  1. – Pay it forward video
  • Using real life situations to pass on the message of Christ
  • Being role models for the students
  • Celebrating children’s positive attitudes
  1. – Programme of religious activities planned
  • Talks by Fr Alex in each classroom
  • We have not yet invested in the Bro Francis videos (the problem is that today’s laptops do not have a DVD drive, and these are only available on DVD)
  • Completed booklet of liturgical feasts has not yet been done (Actually we finished the part we were given to work on, but other members of the commission didn’t, and the commission never met again!)
  • Mass is celebrated every First Friday, and also in preparation for some important Feasts
  • Rosary was recited in the school yard during October; we must give more importance in doing so in class, even if it is only one decade
  1. Students are encouraged to go to the chapel every morning before Assembly.
  1. Children lead morning Assembly. The Assembly is related to a Saint and/or a Feast
  1. – Reading of verses from the Bible during religion lessons;
  • Bible corner was not prepared (maybe this could be done in the corridor with access for both Year 5 and year 6 students)
  • A book on the life of Mother Margherita is available in the class library
  • Presentation by students on different religion topics are carried out in the third term;
  • Children are praised for showing good qualities
  • The spiritual director was invited to give talks to the students on topics chosen by the SMT.
  1. We did not visit other places of worship – we plan to visit next year. (Suggestion: what about the Greek Orthodox church in Valletta?)
  1. Class observations on the teaching of Religion are carried out in the third term
  1. Children were shown video clips of children in need
  1. – The Year 6 students created a “Pay it forward” video clip which was also uploaded on the school’s facebook page;
  • Students were reminded to be kind, show respect and help others;
  • Celebrating diversity – through the different events, organized throughout the year ex. “Odd Socks day”
  • Fundraising activities are organized throughout the year.