Project 3

Action Plan 3

KGEs feel confident :

Educators found that training given by Ms Fiona Galea Pace re emergent curriculum was effective;

KGEs prepare … their interests:

Due to lack of space, the educators in Nadur found it challenging to create different stations.

All educators agreed that the stations on display are changed according to topic and not left permanently. This is done because the children get distracted and some are overwhelmed.

Challenges:  Educators also pointed out that if toys are displayed for a long time, resources go missing.

KGEs take time … future reference:

Through observations educators can easily pin point any challenges or difficulties the child has and improve from there. The educators all agreed that the log book helped them to keep track of child’s progress.

KGEs observe … skills:

Through these observations the educators highlight the children’s likes and interests, and implement them in their lesson plans. They are also used to create interesting topics at intervals.

Challenge:  Since the children have different likes and interests, at times the educators find it hard to choose a particular topic.

Pupils … groups:

By working in groups the educators are made aware of the children’s strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses are targeted to give room for improvement.

By collecting the children’s feedback, and adding it to the educator’s target, a web is created.  This is displayed in the classroom for further reference on each topic.

KGEs make … lesson on it:

By observing constantly, the educators all agreed that some children need individual attention to attain their goals. In some cases, only when attention is given individually that the child shows progress.