Adopting the Olive Tree – Leaf Project 2018-19

Our LEAF project for this year focused on the Olive tree.  Having already shown interest in learning about the Olive tree, through the research carried out, and the charts they created, a group of over 50 students were taken to the Government Experimental Farm where they were given hands-on experience about growing and caring for trees, and the olive tree in particular. Here the students learnt about the health benefits of olive oil and the olive.  The talk, delivered by Mr Daniel Mifsud, focused on the different pests that harm the olive tree and what could be done to prevent them from killing the tree.  Most of the children showed particular attention in this regard since one of the trees they were caring for and watering regularly had been hit by some insect which was eating away the leaves, and so they asked Mr Mifsud what they could do.  Back at school they acted on his advice and were extremely pleased when their quick action was successful.  Later on in the year, not only these students, but all the students of our school, were able to prepare various “dishes” using olives and olive oil, and tasted them too, so they could pass the word on, in their homes, what delicious dishes one can cook, thanks to the olive tree.